Associate Director – Materials & Innovation

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Passionate about connecting people having founded several LinkedIn groupsthat include ‘AI–Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Small Molecules’, ‘Boston Biotech’and ‘Golden Triangle Biotech’, platforms that are used by over 10,000 lifescience professionals.

Ronald is Associate Director at Takeda’s Materials & Innovation group and part of Takeda’s Digital Strategy team for neuroscience. During his appointment at the Life Science division of PA Consulting Group, a British Consulting firm, Ronald led projects for some of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies that included projects around strategy, commercialization and digital health. At his company BioFrontline he provides management, strategy and commercial advice to life science companies around the world. Ronald received MAs in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology and after obtaining a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology spent six years at Harvard to study Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia and the genetics of aggressive behavior before making the transition to industry. Ronald is a keen follower of applications of AI and deep learning in pharma and healthcare and is the founder of ‘AI – Artificial Intelligence’, a group on LinkedIn that follows the latest developments in AI.

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