Principal Research Scientist, Data Science & Informatics


Rishi R. Gupta is currently a Principal Research Scientist at Abbvie, Inc. at Lake County, Chicago. He leads the Cheminformatics and Competitive Intelligence groups. At AbbVie, he has developed a web based infrastructure to expose suite of Cheminformatics tools called AIDEAS. He has developed and deployed machine learning models for a variety of bioassay data including ADMET endpoints. In his extended role within Competitive Intelligence (CI), Rishi is developing web based visual-analytic frameworks for exposing genomics data, clinical Trials data and a variety of other CI related landscapes e.g. KOLs. Prior to AbbVie, Rishi was at Pfizer Global Research and Development as a Computational Chemist where he had broad set of responsibilities ranging from developing ADMET in-silico models, novel scoring methods such as confidence metrics for in-silico models. He also supported the Anti-Bacterial research organization. Rishi earned his PhD. from University of Connecticut where he developed systems engineering approaches for genetic pathway analysis and also developed computational methods for application in drug discovery.

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