VP Research IT

Lilly Asia Ventures

As the Information Officer for Research, Ramesh Durvasula is responsible for all of the IT and informatics capabilities that support the drug discovery efforts of Lilly Research Labs.

Dr. Durvasula has focused his career on the intersection of life science and informatics. For more than a decade, he built award-winning technology platforms for Bristol-Myers-Squibb (BMS) research labs. Most recently, Ramesh was Executive Director of Discovery IT and Automation at BMS. He has held a variety of leadership roles during his 12-year tenure at BMS. He successfully led his team through delivery of various IT strategies and roadmaps for biologics, laboratory modernization, translational R&D, in-vivo excellence, high-throughput workflows and leveraging data for quantitative decision making. He is an active leader in many industry forums, such as the Pistoia Alliance and the Allotrope Foundation. Prior to BMS, he spent several years at Tripos, a computational chemistry software firm. Ramesh earned his BA in Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics from the University of Virginia

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