VP, Advanced Analytics & Data Science


Nataraj is the Vice President of Advanced Analytics at RxDataScience Inc.. Prior to his current role, he led the Data Science division at Purdue Pharma, L.P. and was responsible for the design, development and architecture of Purdue’s award-winning Big Data and Machine Learning Platform.

Nataraj has over 19 years of industry leading experience in developing the vision, strategy and execution of cutting-edge enterprise analytics platforms for Big Data and Data Science. He has worked in the technology divisions of Philip Morris, IBM, UBS Investment Bank and Purdue Pharma.

Nataraj is also author to his 2018 published book, “Practical Big Data Analytics: Hands-on techniques to implement enterprise analytics and machine learning using Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and R.” This work is targeted towards aspiring Big Data Professionals and explains what Big Data analytics means, how it drives revenues for organizations, and how they can develop their own Big Data analytics solution using different tools and methods.

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