Senior Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing for Life Sciences

Automation Anywhere

Catherine Calarco, a market leader who drives rapid growth of innovative technologies and platforms generating significant revenue growth and transforming lives worldwide. As Chief Marketing Officer and GM/Commercial Operations for companies ranging from $10M- $1B, a Board of Director for MIT CNC and Advisor for, she brings cutting edge expertise on AI/machine learning, robotics, SaaS and bio-sensor platforms. Catherine is a trusted advocate for boards and leaders; she has your back and delivers honest, intelligent, considered advise. In her advisor roles with MIT and CEOs worldwide, she has secured millions of investment funds and supported two acquisitions. As a strategic thinker, she always drives companies to market leadership; bringing her active global network to advance growth through partnerships, business to business market development and acquisitions. At HeartMath, she negotiated $4.5M+ in licensing agreements with Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Maxim Integrated and Huffington Post.

As a business leader, Calarco drives growth and success delivering new business lines, secures value added partnerships, builds strong brands, and elevates people to meet revenue goals validated by establishing HeartMath as the leader in HRV stress management. She is passionate about developing purposeful culture and building high performing teams. Her success creating the Biolab Scientific (Thermo Fisher) vision and values program tripled profit and was actively emulated by other companies. In partnership with ACAP/Holmes Murphy, Catherine developed and launched employee resilience building e-learning program (SaaS) to corporations including Sabre, and GSK, achieving ROI in 3 months and millions in sales. Delivered digital health programs, achieving health outcomes, for corporate wellness including LinkedIn, Kaiser Permanente, VA Medical Centers, Stanford University, Mayo Clinics, and dozens of smaller companies. Secured $6M in investment funds for Onezone, an Ariba Marketplace for healthcare and life sciences. Set strategy and met milestones of building platform, securing 25 partner and supplier contracts, and 200,000 products in less than one year.

Catherine Calarco has over 20 years of executive and international marketing experience and an excellent track record in growing companies. As a global executive, Catherine’s strategy and marketing resulted in business growth from $5M-$40M, trebling profit, raising $10M in early stage funds, and building high achieving teams. Leadership roles include Thermo Fisher/Biolab, Applied Biosystems, Sabre, and digital health at Intellectual Ventures, HeartMath, Muse, and Spire including acquisitions, turnarounds, innovation transformation and launching award winning products. As GM, Calarco doubled revenue from $20M- $40M, which led to the company acquisition. As CMO in Digital Health, she led the marketing strategy and plan resulting in rapid market adoption of Inner Balance including 25,000 units in 9mths, and products reaching over 24,000 health professionals, 500,000 user community, and 5M lives worldwide.

Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and Entrepreneurship Center with consulting projects in 5 countries. As a sought after innovation, market growth and women’s leadership speaker, Catherine presents at conferences including CES, Digital Health Summit, APEC, mHealth, CTA Forum, Boomer Venture Summit, MIT, and universities around the world. Actively contributes to organizations including Consumer Technology Association working groups for Stress Measurement and Artificial Intelligence, MIT Alumni community, women leadership with, and an IDEO ‘think tank’ group on AI & Healthcare. Radio show “Humanity Evolve!” on Voice America, and a blog on Huffington Post.

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