Originally published Sep 30, 2019
Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation. With the introduction of intelligent technologies, healthcare providers can dramatically improve how they deliver their services and interact with their patients. In NextGen Health by Microsoft, learn how emerging technologies like machine learning and AI improve operations and care while ensuring that sensitive data remains secure.


001 - Reimagine Healthcare

Healthcare facilitated through virtual assistants? Artificial intelligence that guides researchers to cure genetic diseases? Surgeons using augmented reality to better perform invasive surgeries? Learn how healthcare providers are using new technologies to improve patient outcomes, reduce operating costs, and improve how caregivers collaborate with their teams.

002 - Enable Personalized Care

As healthcare undergoes a massive digital transformation, technology can now enable personalized care through precision medicine and a more consumer-friendly experience. In this episode, dive into the amazing world of machine learning and AI and learn how they can help pinpoint cures for diseases and create a holistic picture of our health while putting the patient first.

003 - Empower Care Teams

Working in a hospital isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a chaotic place, and too often the systems are years behind. Many caregivers therefore end up using their own devices on the job, which can be demoralizing and compromises their patients’ privacy. In this episode, learn how new online collaboration tools can make life simpler—and compliant—for everyone on the care team.

004 - Improve Operational Outcomes

Every year, healthcare organizations lose enormous amounts of money in productivity and efficiency. Transformative technologies like AI and online collaboration tools, however, are beginning to improve these organizations’ operational outcomes. In this episode, learn how data can not only make a difference in the ICU, but also create interoperability among disparate systems

005 - Security and Compliance

In the digital age, healthcare organizations must ensure that their patient and employee data remains private and secure. Cloud-based systems that offer higher levels of security can engender trust, solve compliance issues, and enable innovation. In this episode, learn how security has gone from an afterthought to priority number one and what you can do to keep your data safe.

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